Research Keywords

生態/廢品研究Waste Studies

胡嘉明 Wu Ka Ming


How does the culture of a “throwaway society” work in Asian cities? How much and what kind of waste do we throw away on a daily basis?  How is urban waste shaping class and gender relations? How is waste changing human relationship with non-human animal and plant species?

In the age of the Anthropocene, challenges arising from global environmental change are numerous: extreme weather, land and water pollution, species extinction, toxic contamination, just to name a few. These challenges are now raising concerns both from scholars in the natural science and from the humanities and the social sciences.  A transdisciplinary field of inquiry that combines socio-cultural theories with recent methodological and theoretical approaches of understanding the Anthropocene, including cultural ecology, environmental history, science studies, is emerging.  New knowledge shall allow us to think across disciplinary borders and tackle the environmental and social challenges of current times.