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A Dialogue between Current Leaders of Global Citizenship and the Future Global Citizens

Professor Kok Wai Benny LIM will be the speaker at an event--A Dialogue between Current Leaders of Global Citizenship and the


專訪Sonia Wong黃鈺螢、Bao李薇婷、Joseph陳敬元分享《Barbie》背後的特別意義

[Dr. LI Mei Ting was interviewed by ELLE HK on 25 September 2023.] (only Chinese version is avaliable) By Tommy


Why ‘Barbie’ Became a Sleeper Hit in China

[Professor Jia Tan was interviewed by New York Times on 6 August 2023] The movie has exceeded box office expectations,


Think it’s hard to get a Taylor Swift ticket in the U.S.? Try competing with Swifties in Asia

Millions of fans across the continent are vying for 300,000 seats at the singer’s six “Eras Tour” shows next year


Hong Kong murders prompt discussion over reporting on LGBTQ issues

In Hong Kong, where violent acts are rare, a recent double murder has sent major shockwaves among locals and officials.





South Korean artist Kimsooja’s exhibition in Hong Kong invites viewers to pause and reflect

By Payal Uttam • Artist’s ‘contemplative’ Hong Kong show explores our relationships with our bodies through rice paper ‘paintings’, clay


Jokes or stereotypes? When ‘made in China’ comedy is no laughing matter

[Doctor Cao Xuenan was interviewed by South China Morning Post on 16 February 2023] By Cyril Ip By the time


Mirror, Mirror on the wall, can Hong Kong boy band beat the blues and win back disappointed fans?

[Doctor LI Meiting was interviewed by South China Morning Post on 19 February 2023] By Edith Lin and Jess Ma Saleswoman



香港紀錄片《給十九歲的我》因拍攝倫理風波引發巨大爭議,持續佔據輿論焦點,事件暴露了權力不對等和倫理問題,也意外地成為港人在當前政治氣氛下的情感投射。BBC中文訪問多名紀錄片導演及學者,梳理出五個引人思考的問題。 《給十九歲的我》由香港72歲的知名導演張婉婷執導,受其母校、老牌名校英華女學校(Ying Wa Girls’ School)委託拍攝,原意是記錄校舍遷址的變化,為重建工作籌款,後來演變成一部以該校六名千禧年代出生、背景各異的女學生為主軸的人物紀錄片。