Research Project

(1) Online Database on Community Arts in Asia (Phase I)

Funding Programme Name: Department of Cultural and Religious Studies, CUHK

Researcher: Prof. Ho Hing Kay Oscar

Period: November 2016 – June 2018

Community art believes in bringing artistic expressions back to the peoples, with the objectives of animating and empowering individuals and communities of different histories, social, cultural and religious backgrounds, especially the marginal and underprivileged ones. Applying the commonly recognized forms of arts and crafts as well as cultural creative expressions such as rituals, symbols, oral histories and other forms of individual and communal expressions, community arts helps to build a sense of belonging, nurture creative expression and artistic pleasure, and to enhance the ability to reflect, articulate and to take initiative in creating a just, equal and compassionate society.

Community arts have always been an important cultural activity in Asia. Responding to critical issues such as social injustice and the drastic urban development, community arts experiences a rapid growth in Hong Kong in recent years. A research will be conducted with a focus on collecting information of case studies in community arts. It intends to provide local and overseas references for current and potential practitioners of the field and to serve as an initial step for further research in the field of community arts in Hong Kong and in the region. Primary research data will be collected and shared, with a focus on projects in Asia.